Zoo and back to normal Brody...

posted Apr 7, 2013, 6:54 AM by Ashley Henke

Saturday: Brody had so much fun looking at the animals at the little zoo yesterday we decided to travel to Oakland and check out the big zoo today!  It was nice to go in a different direction then we normally go and see some of the beautiful California country side.  We spent about 3hrs at the zoo which wore us all out!  Brody and Rilyn both slept all the way home (which they both needed since naps havent really existed since we've been here).  Brody's favorite animal at the zoo was the elephants.  He also enjoyed the mini train ride that took us around the zoo!

 Brody is defiantly  recovering very well,  today he was back to his wild self, always on the go and wanting to be outside to play, although we do have to remind him to take it easy and not to run around to much!  Easier said then done when your dealing with a 3 year old!

His canal and skin graft appear to be healing well also with minimal bleeding today.  He still hasn't really complained of any pain so that is good.  We are just amazed on how fast he has bounced back since surgery and continue to pray that everything heals without any problems.