Weekend. Feeling Better...

posted Sep 8, 2013, 9:35 PM by Ashley Henke

Saturday. We had Brody's first post op appointment with Dr Renisch. It is so nice to have these very nice Drs out here, who take the time out of there busy schedules to come in on a Saturday just to see their patients. :) He did a little cleaning around and in the ear cup and made sure that everything looked good with the bandage coming off a little early. He told us that we didn't need to come in on Monday for our next appointment since we saw him today. Our next appointment is set up for the 19th at 4 pm, this is to take off the ear cup and the skin graft bandage on the back of his head, wash his hair and clean the ear... We are all very anxious to see his brand new ear. Dr Renisch told us we could come in anytime if we were concerned about anything. Brody has a little rash starting on the inside of his elbow where the IV was placed. It is starting to become very swollen and irritated. If it doesn't seem to get better the next few days we will go in and have him look at it. Just to be on the safe side.


Brody really has turned the corner for the better. He is back to his normal self with running around and fighting with his sister. The precautions this time around are to be very careful with the ear and do not bump it. He said that most of the times that it gets damaged due to sibling messing around etc... I can totally see this as the first thing he does when we get back from the appointment is start picking on his sister and they start running around and playing train! oh boy....


His swelling on his left side is really starting to come down and his incision in his groin area is seeming better. He only has a slight limp now. Still babying it a little. I would say the most pain he is having is in his elbow where the rash is starting!


The kids were getting restless in the house so we ventured down to the beach... this may have been a mistake!! lol... the Venice boardwalk in not a place for kids after 5 pm.... There is a lot going on and too much for little eyes!!! needless to say we will be doing the beach thing only before 5pm! :)


Sunday. We took a drive up the coast  to Malibu and hit up a farmers market... Very neat. Had some fresh squeezed OJ and same wonderful pastries!! The kids even found a neat little park to stroll threw. The only different between out parks back in WI is the warning signs... Beware, Rattle snakes in this area!! eeeekkkk.... (we only stayed for a little bit and were on our way!)


Thanks to all who have been thinking and praying for the little man!! He is being quite the trooper. It is funny how sweet and innocent he can be one day and the next be the little stinker pestering his sister!!  We sure can feel all the love from all of you even if we are all the in southern California!


And thanks to all of you are helping hang Brody's Pumpkin Patch flyers!! Sounds like we are getting them up all over!! :) THANK YOU!!!!
(Sorry that I cant upload photos to this website.. it is telling me I have used up all my data... I will have to look into it a little more when we get back.... I'm not very computer smart when it come to that kind of stuff... to see photos make sure to click on the link on top of page to the blog and this has photos with each entry .... or facebook!! :)