Waking up.... Home

posted Sep 5, 2013, 7:03 PM by Ashley Henke

Throughout the surgery we were updated, once that he was doing very well. This was around noon.

Then at 3:00pm the nurse came and got us to wait in the recovery room. Brody came in about 3:15pm, sleeping like a baby! so sweet with a pretty blue bandage wrapped completely around his head. It took him awhile to wake up. He woke up crying, then went back to sleep. Then he woke up crying wanting mama, so I help him and rocked him for a while, while he slept. He was so sweet and cute while he was attempting to wake up. He was very pale and thirsty when he woke up the third time. Then he wanted daddy, so he sat with daddy for a while and kind of sort of woke up. The nurse took out his IV and monitored him a while... We talked with Dr Renisch and Dr Jumper for a while and they told us that he did very well and that everything turned out good. Brody didn't have any cartilage for a tragis, so this will be a little floppy. He said that when we come back in January he will look at it and maybe try to take a piece of bone and put it in there in place of the cartilage.  He showed us  a picture of the ear. I think it looked good. I was a little emotional to take a really good look at it... Between Brody waking up crying and the thought that Brody actually had an ear.. I was thinking too much of everything that was going on, I think they were tears of joy and tears of sadness to watch my perfect baby boy lay there with nothing I can do to soothe him. But Brody does now how to cheer up his mom even when he is half asleep. He would randomly wake up and give us and the nurses a great big smile! :) He even let out a great big belch, turned and looked at me with a great big smile, and said, "Excuse me!!!" Oh man does that little boy know how to melt some hearts!!!

We left the surgery center at 4:30pm and headed back to our rental house. Brody slept the whole way home, with only a few demands! When we got home, he wanted some more apple juice and then went to sleep. He is doing really good. We are so happy that he woke up half way in a pleasant mood. Thank you to everyone who has been thinking about Brody and praying for him. He is such a brave boy and are so very proud of him!!! Dr Renisch and his staff are amazing. We are anxious for the healing stage and pray that everything goes well and heals quickly! Here is to the first night with the new big boy ear!! (Even though we haven't been able to see it, and he has a cute blue turban on his head!)