Waking up.... Back to hotel

posted Feb 25, 2014, 2:48 PM by Ashley Henke

We were able to go into the recovery room at 11:30. They gave us our pep talk and brod come in sleeping at 11:45. He took a little bit to wake up, and woke up crying so they gave him some medicine in his IV to go back to sleep.  Dr Renisch came in and talked to us. They ended up cleaning the both areas really well . The top sore seemed like the medpor was exposed at one point, so they cleaned it up and stiched it closed, with a tiny skin graft on top. The other area was basically the same, they cleaned it up and put a small skin graft over the top.   They cleaned up the left ear tragis and the old skin graft.  The left ear lobe was starting to pull up a little so they fixed that as well.   I tell you they are miracle workers. :)

Brody was sleeping very well, the nurse had to wake him up. He woke up very mellow and calm. A experience we are not used too, as usually it is very unpleasant.  But he did good and smiled a lot! We know the man upstairs had something to do with that, as pre-op was a tad stressful, he knew we needed a little break. We left the hospital at 1:30 and had to stop at the pharmacy to stop and get his prescription. The nurse gave us strict instructions to give him only water and soda crackers.  Once we got back to the hotel Brody was hungry.  He ate some white cheddar cheese-it's and apple juice. 5 minutes later he wanted ice cream! Yikes.... Needless to say he is feeling very well. (Don't tell brods nurse!)

He has a blue ear mold sewn on again and we will need to have it taken off in  a week. Dr Renisch is calling in a favor him one of his colleagues in Milwaukee. He came to visit dr Renisch a while ago to learn the procedure. He is hoping this dr will be able to fit us into his schedule and take the mold off. We have a post op appointment tomorrow to finalize all the at home details.

Just wanted to update everyone, that Brody is one brave little boy and did awesome! Thank you all for the extra prayers and kind words! :)