Waking up... and sleeping again...

posted Jun 20, 2013, 4:41 PM by Ashley Henke

Right after we talked with Dr Roberson about the surgery, Dr Baliker came out and talked to us in a little more detail about his left ear canal and how good it looked. She tried to clean it in the pre-op appointment, Brody was very hesitant and didn't want anything to do with that. So she decided to do the cleaning in the Operating room, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since on the ear drum were some crusting and it was attached pretty good. So she mentioned that it looked great and got it all cleaned up with minimal bleeding. :) This saves a little less craziness for the office visit.


A short time later, which was suppose to be 45 min turned into 10 minutes they came and got us and told us that Brody was awake. We went in to a crying and irritated little guy. He was a little out of it still and all he wanted was his IV taken out and his heart monitor off his finger... (This is a huge difference from last time as when we went into recovery room we waited what seemed like forever for him to wake up and then he was just a sleepy little boy with no care in the world.)  The nurses then decided I should hold him to try to comfort him.... this was good for a few minutes and then he decided it was time for the IV to come out well after about 20 minutes of trying to get him to eat and drink something they sent us home... Brody cried most of the time because he was thirsty and of course we left the juice in the trunk!  Once we got back to the hotel he and mama took a long nap for about 3 hours. 


He is still kind of dazing and just wants to get out of the hotel room. The Drs want us to keep brody calm and no high impact for the nest 2 weeks, like no jumping! Because of his prosthetic middle bones. Well lets just say, how in the world am I going to keep my 3.5 year old from jumping into and out of the bed?!?! Maybe we should take the nurses advice and duct tape him to a tree!! ;)


Brody is sleeping again now and hopefully he sleeps all through the night with either mom or dad... he needs rest to get back to his normal self. Tomorrow will have to take him to the store and he gets to pick out his "I had Surgery" toy.


Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers. This surgery was defiantly the harder of the 2 for both brody and us!! But in the end this will defiantly be worth all the tears! I hope his recovery goes well and we can find enough things to entertain him with to keep him from moving around too much. Brody will need lots of encouragement when we get back home as well as when it is time to get his 3rd surgery.