Waking up and Day after surgery... 1-10-14

posted Jan 16, 2014, 8:48 AM by Ashley Henke
Waking up and day after surgery
At about 4:30pm yesterday Brody was out of surgery and in recovery.  He woke up a little cranky and dazed but for the fourth surgery we knew what to expect as we are all too familiar with surgery day.  He was thirsty so we gave him some apple juice (think he had 5 glasses) and Dr. Renisch found a Popsicle for Brody which put a little smile on his face.  We talked with Dr. Renisch to see how everything went, and saw a picture of his new ear before he put the cup and bandage on. It looked GREAT!

 The first ear surgery Brody didn't have enough  cartilage in his little ear to make a Tragus (little bump on your ear that covers the ear canal) nor did he have enough on the second ear, so we met with Dr. Renisch before he took Brody into surgery, and he said he could take a little cartilage from his rib to make the tragus for both ears. we gave him the ok to take the cartilage from his rib, and from the pic he showed us after surgery looked like it turned out very nicely.  Brody was very tired but doing good and said many times he wanted to go "home" so the nurse took out his IV and all the other monitors he was hooked up to,  We got him dressed and headed back to the house, where Brody pretty much went straight to bed, as did mom and dad as it was a very long day.

Today, the day after surgery Brody is pretty sore and tired yet (especially near the incision where he took the cartilage from his rib).  We are hanging out at the house and resting which we all need.  Rilyn is helping out today as well, getting stuff for Brody and being such a good little sister, she also says she wants a bandage on her head just like her big brother :)  We also said good bye this morning to Brody's cousins Jack and Emma, and Aunt Amanda and Uncle Joe as they head to Disneyland for a weekend of family fun.  We want to Thank them for coming out and helping us, and for watching Rilyn while we went to appointments and Surgery yesterday!  It was a great distraction for Brody as he loves playing with his cousins and he was sad when he woke up and seen they had left.

We are planning on going out for a walk today to get some fresh air, and Brody wants to head to an aquarium,so hopefully he feels up to it and will be able to go this weekend.