Upcoming surgery... plans... healing

posted Jul 25, 2013, 10:56 AM by Ashley Henke
This week we are working on booking airplane tickets and finding a place to stay for our upcoming September surgery. We are traveling to a different part of California this time around. We are headed to Beverly Hills so we need to find a new hotel or house. This is a little harder this time for some reason.....
Next week we will start planning for BRODY"S HARVEST FOR HEARING benefit on October 12 & 13... We would love to know what you all like about the fall pumpkin patch - activities and what you would like to see different... Please let us know your thoughts either by commenting or emailing us at ashleyhenke16@gmail.com . Plans so far include the hayride and pumpkin patch. New this year will be a kids Corn Maze... we are very excited for this... we have had professional trial runs with this new endeavor. `The experts (Brody & Rilyn) are very much in love with the maze and would like to warn everyone that it is very fun!!! As far as music, Luke the Drifter will be playing on Sunday the 12th at 2:00pm.
 Hayrides * Pumpkin Patch * Kids Games * Kids Corn Maze

* Bake Sale * Silent Auction * Food * Music

*Straw Maze * Bouncy House *Tractor-Train Rides * Face painting

SUNDAY (10.13.13)

Noon: Prairie Thunder Cloggers Performance

2:00pm Luke the Drifter

Silent Auction Ends 4:30pm


We are also looking for volunteers to help this weekend. If you know of anyone who would be interested in helping please have them contact us. As far as our raffles go this year. We have decided to do the silent auction for sure  and maybe do the bucket raffles. It is very hard for us to get donations for all the raffles. So depending on the amount of donations we get for our raffle will determine if we will do the bucket raffles as well. If anyone would be interested in helping get donations for the Silent Auction or bucket raffles this would be wonderful... with being gone pretty much the whole month of September it will be very hard for us to go around and ask for donations. This would be very much appreciated if anyone would be willing to help us out on this!! We were thinking that it would be neat to have a "basket" raffle as part of the bucket raffles too with various types of baskets put together. 


We are still searching for some entertainment- music on Saturday... if you know of anyone who we should contact please let us know. Thanks


Brody's canal is doing pretty good. It does seem to be healing very well... last week a large part of the skin graft scab came off and left a very unhealed spot in the canal that I was a little concerned about. It does seem to be better this week. I am always relieved to go to Brody's Dr appointment  to hear what he has to say and to ease my mind. Sometimes I wish I could see the doctor every week! :) Our next appointment is next week Wednesday. They will be taking out the little washer that was a divider for the sponge and the new ear drum. And also will be making a mold for Brody to wear in his new canal.


Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers... I think we are half way there!! This is exciting that we are almost done with surgeries but I also wish that it was over already for Brody's sake as it is getting harder and harder to have to see Doctors all the time...  Take care.