Zoo, pills....

posted Apr 5, 2013, 9:20 PM by Ashley Henke   [ updated Apr 7, 2013, 7:08 AM ]
We needed to get Brody's bandages taken off sometime today. He was very hesitate to take them off, so we compromised and went to a children's museum and little zoo first. It was perfect for the kids. Thanks to Tiffany and manny for the tip and the free little attraction. Brody enjoys animals very much and was excited to see them all. He couldn't get to the next animal fast enough.  This was a nice break from the hotel scene and slow paced for Brody.  Then we went to little garden park and walked around for a while touring the veggi gardens, flower, natives, and formal gardens they were very nice and many of the plants were similar to the ones in Wisconsin.

When it came time to go to the dr office for the bandage removal, Brody was scared. Not sure if he was starting to get sore or just sick of the poking and prodding. But we went in there with big smiles and come out with a toy from the toy basket. He cried just a little right before they took the bandage off because  he didn't want to sit in the big chair, moms lap was the choice seat!

Headed back to the hotel house in hopes of naps but rilyn fell asleep on way to hotel and Brody was like a new man with the bandage off. He was so full of energy, we were telling him to calm down and hoping he would just sit and watch movies. He just wanted to see more animals and get out of the room.

Brody's canal started to bleed quite a bit. Not knowing  anything about this surgery thing, called the dr office to make sure this was ok.  The skin graft area was also more saturated  then when we first took the bandages off.  They said it is very normal for the area to bleed. So we went to target to get some more gauze, medical tape, bandaides , and movies.(in hopes Brody would relax). After one episode. Of chugging ton we decided we needed to but some. Gauze over his  canal which is. Still bleeding alot. Brody did not want us to touch his ear, so we had to do some intense talking and convincing to get him to let us put it on him. This basically ended up with daddy with gauze and tape oh his ear and mommy with gauze and tape on her ear and then finally with Brody! :)

He  got very Whiney and  sad this afternoon. Whenever we ask him how his ear is, he always says good. I think he just doesn't want to take any more medicine. But we convinced him to take some Tylonel chewable s ( this again was a mommy do it first) then it was ok once he realized it was bubblegum flavored!

Brody got to Skype with hadien and Nolan-y and auntie christa. Then later tonight with grandpa Larry and Nina. Was suppose to have a Skype date with Amanda and joe but Brody was a little to tired and passed out a few minutes before the call!

Brody is missing home and has said a few times he wants to go home! Hopefully he will be feeling good in the morning and we can find something fun to do.