Tuesday. Park. Home.

posted Apr 9, 2013, 9:26 PM by Ashley Henke

Tuesday. Today we went to our final post-op Appointment with the Drs.. Brody was very nervous to go as he tells me he doesn't like the Drs.. :( I try to tell him that this is a good thing that he is getting this done now but trying to explain pain to a three year old is not my for-Taye. With that in mind, our last appointment was a lot of tears and a little kicking! :( but in the end we were all smiles and hugs for dr Roberson and his crew, with the promise of purple ice cream on the way home.  The dr said everything looks normal and wanted to warn us that with him being so scared, our next post op appointment back home might need to have a little bribing and maybe even some "sleepy medicine" . Oh boy!

Following the appointment we went to a local park and let the kids run around and play for a few hours. Then on to find the purple ice cream!

We'll the week has been an experience at the least! Lots of ups and downs! We are very thankful for the doctors here and their amazing talent! They make us feel like part of there family! We are over joyed that the outcome of the surgery seems to be perfect as of now! With lots of hope for a successful healing process. Brody is ready for home,and so are James and I! Living out of a hotel has its perks, but mostly we need to get back to our normalcy of back home! If there really is such a thing!  Somehow Brody and I attracted colds. Not fun! And I got a swollen eye lid, maybe a Sty? (I have no idea what cause these,but it may be a stress factor!) lol

Better hit that hay! We need to be out of the hotel and on the road to the airport by 6 am!

Night all! The next post will be from Wisconsin! By the way, the temp today was 76 degrees.  I will try to pack as much of the sunny weather as i can in the suitcase with me! :)