Travel Day. Pre-op. House.

posted Sep 4, 2013, 8:16 AM by Ashley Henke

Tuesday. 9.3.13

We all woke up really early to be in Milwaukee at 8:40am. Aunt Christa drove us to the airport. We left bright and early at 4:30am! Our travels went very well. Grandma & Grandpa Borzick  are traveling with us which has helped tremendously in the airport scene to have some extra hands. We also have a double stroller to contain the children in which is also a huge lifesaver! The only delays in the day were while heading to the airport, I received a text from southwest that our flight was delayed a half hour, not anything to serious. Then once we got to LAX, everything was going smoothly till we got to the rental center to get our car. I received a call from the airport that said they have a car seat with our name and it and we have someone else's.... therefore we had to return to the airport and exchange the seats!! fun fun.

We couldn't check into our house till 4:00pm. So we decided to go find some lunch and check out the beach.  We did a drive by of our rental house and saw people outside with a vanity sitting outside... We were slightly nervous that we wouldn't have a sink, but once we arrived they were still working on it and assured us that it would be fixed. :) no big deal, just shared our house for a few hours.

While we were eating lunch, I received a phone call from Dr Renisch office and asked if we could do our pre-op appointment today instead of on Wednesday. Sure, it was a go with the flwo kind of day. So we went and found the Dr's  Building and had our appointment. It was nice to match all the faces with the names that we have been talking with for so many months. Everyone was very nice and friendly.  We had a nice appointment and Brody did a great job.


After we were all settled in our house, we went and got some groceries for the next few weeks. We went to a whole foods which was a very neat store. I believe that everything was organic. Lots of different foods and produce.


Once we got back to the house. Grandpa had both the kids sleeping. They were pretty well wiped after our very long day!


Today, Wednesday we will have a day all to ourselves. No Doctors. Brody wants to show grandma and grandpa the surfers. So we will have to find some surfers somewhere and go check out the beach this afternoon.


Brody's surgery is Thursday. We have to arrive at the Specialty Surgery Center at 6:00am. With surgery starting at 6:45. The surgery will be anywhere from 8-10 hours long. And then he will have his first big boy ear!! :)


Please send up some prayers for the little man for a very successful surgery and some fast healing!


For anyone who would like to help spread the word about Brody's benefit in October, by hanging up flyers; please contact Christa Van Treeck she has all the flyers and can arrange a time to get the flyers to you! Her phone number is 608.697.5434 Thanks!