Travel Day.

posted Jun 18, 2013, 8:35 PM by Ashley Henke

Today started out at 5am with our travels starting for round 2 of Brody's  journey to big boy ears. We landed in San Francisco at about 12:45 CA time. Brody did very well on the plane, now waiting in line for the rental car was a little harder to entertain him. The wait was about an hour and a half.


Once we got in the car and headed out of the parking garage, we both felt that we had never left. It was all the same, we are getting to be pros at this California driving. And the scenery is all about the same as April, a few different flowers blooming but lots of brown dry grass!


We checked into our hotel. Then We went grocery shopping and got some goodies for Brody for after surgery, you know the staples, jello, vanilla and chocolate pudding, m&m yogurt, and of course some tow mater chicken noodle soup. Then we checked out a new grocery store with a farmers market.


Tomorrow we are heading to a little amusement park so Brody can have a little fun before his pre-op appointments in the afternoon and then his surgery early on Thursday morning.


Night all!