Thursday night. Friday.

posted Sep 7, 2013, 8:34 AM by Ashley Henke
Brody had a pretty rough night. He woke up every hour. His head was hurting him and was very thirsty! Gave him some of the chewable Tylenol and that seemed to help a little. He had to go to the bathroom very often, since he had so much fluids during his surgery.


Friday. He is very sore in his groan area as this is where there was an incision for a skin graft, having a very hard time walking. He favors it a lot and can tell it is sore since it is right in the crease of his leg. His right arm is very sore as well where the IV was placed. When he eats he eats left handed, when normally he is a righty!


We ventured out for walk as Rilyn was getting a little restless and Brody kept asking about the beach. So we packed the kids up and went for a walk down to Venice beach. It was nice to get some fresh air, well really hot and humid air, the temps where in the 90's again, but it was very pleasant right by the ocean as the breeze was blowing nicely. There are a lot of little shops and street vendors that we checked out. The kids each got large slushies' and some ice cream! It was an experience at the very least. :)


Once we were back at our hotel, most of us took naps. Again keep in mind that it is very humid and hot. All we have in our house are fans. Rilyn and I woke up very sticky, ok we woke up a little drenched!! :)


We read online that there is suppose to be this drum line that forms on Friday nights at 4 pm right on the beach. Brody is very into his bands, (Thanks to his cousin Monica!) so we thought he would enjoy listening to this. We kind of forgot about this throughout the day, but Brody reminded us about it. So this time we loaded up in the car and headed down to the beach in search for the drum line. And a search it was. We drove around looking for it, but didn't have much luck. We ended up at the Santa Monica Boardwalk. Brody's eyes were feeling very adventurous, but his body was still very sore.  We went to the grocery store and headed back home to make supper.


We no longer got done eating supper and Brody was ready to lay down. He was very hesitant to lay his head down on the pillow. I could tell he was in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable! :(

We had to call the dr at 2:25am as his bandages were slipping off his head. We took them off and have an appointment in the morning! He didn't sleep much better and neither did daddy or mommy.  But Brody woke up like a new little boy. His attitude was very much better. Hand and hand with his sister they cam outside to play. :) We have a little courtyard at our house with a fireplace, patio set, and grilling area. They kids love to play in the rocks!


Brody looks a little rough with all his battle wounds. He is very swollen on the left side of his face. His eye also swollen alot. His new ear has a large plastic mold sewn on his head and where the skin graft is, a large bandage sewn on as well.  Lots of blue lines from the surgery process.


No plans for today. Just going to meet Dr Renisch around 10am. Hoping for a little less humidity!! It sure doesn't feel like September!