Surgery day

posted Feb 25, 2014, 2:46 PM by Ashley Henke

Surgery day is forever the most dreaded day for brod. We try not to talk about it since it always brings tears to his eyes.  This time around our time of arrival was 8am. This is a lot later then most. We do like the early ones better as we don't have to worry about him being hungry and thirsty since he can't hAve anything 3 hours or so before surgery.    We have also found out that having a later surgery start time makes the pre-op room very busy and hectic. We didn't get called back till 9:00am. Then we had to go through our normal hatred for the sleepy medicine and after the fight ended with a shot to make him very very sleepy! Even though this proces is far from perfect. At least he wasn't kicking and screaming when we left him! We left the pre-op room about 9:40. The surgery should be anywhere from an hour to 2 hours.  Hopefully he will wake up better then most times since it is a short surgery! 

Thanks to everyone for your support! We and especially brod needs it! We greatly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers! :)