Surgery Day...

posted Jan 16, 2014, 8:46 AM by Ashley Henke
Surgery day.
We arrived at 6 am and we're checked in right away.  Brody did pretty well. He was very hesitate about everything we did. The anestigiologist was very good with Brody. He wanted brod to drink the medicine , which we knew wasn't going to happen. He then ended up giving him a nasal injection instead of drinking the medicine. This was the quickest way since we have a fighter on our hands.  Now mind you Brody is a  'gagger' he was not impressed with the medicine since it has a few side effects; burning of the nose and bad aftertaste. He did pretty well and only puked twice with the very little bit that was in his stomach! Poor little man! Then we finally got him calmed down and watched curious George! The simple joy of cartoons!  He went out like a pro though, hardly any tears! He went into surgery about 8 am and I just got an update from the nurse at  9:15 that dr renisch was just starting to operate. Should be about 8 hours from now and we can see him in recovery room. 

Here's a pic of the little man after his medicine and watching his cartoons!