Surgery day...

posted Apr 4, 2013, 10:53 AM by Ashley Henke

We dropped rilyn off at 7 am with our friend, Tiffany. At the hospital at 7:15 am. Brody  was suppose to be prepping at 7:30 but they were a little delayed today. We just left him at 10:25 as he left with anistegiolist, he was going to be a pilot with a " sky mask"! Brody did not want to drink his sleepy medicine,but ended up drinking half of it  so that was enough to do  the job. Waiting to meet dr Roberson yet, and then he will start the 2.5 hour surgery. 

Just met with dr. Starting surgery now at 10:49am.  Will post update tonight. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.... Brody did wonderful and was asking all kinds of questions when he was in the operation room before his "airplane flight" aka sleepy mask! ;)