Sunday. Monday. San Francisco......

posted Apr 9, 2013, 8:31 AM by Ashley Henke

First and foremost I want to say thank you to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers and encouraging words... This was very hard for me to do at first but knowing the end result it was exactly what we needed to do for Brody. :) a great big thank you to Tiffany for all the advice and help for our first stay in California. She even lent her shoulder for me to cry on as we were taking Brody to his first surgery. Lots of love to and from her! Many thanks to everyone at home! Wordscannot describe   how thankful we are to everyone for your support from our very first fundraiser to the love we have received for Brody's first surgery.  The journey is long but our first stop has been a wonderful experience and are still praying for good hearing and healing results....................

Sunday was a day for relaxing. We didn't do anything as the kids were both tired. Rilyn took a good nap and Brody and daddy played monster trucks for a good part of the day. W wanted to try a new place to eat, so we went to the hobbit, a charcoal burger grill place. I tried the shrimp burger which was very good and everyone else had beef burgers which were also very tasty.

Monday: we decided to go to San Francisco to do a little sight seeing. Went and saw a whole bunch of sea lions on pier 39 and walked around fishermans wharf, this is like an exact double of the dells. Al the attractions of downtown dells, shops,, little museums, and souvenir shops . We also rode the trolley up and down the steep hilly streets. On the way home we drove over the golden gate bride and thru John Mur woods ( a national park, I think ) both kids fell asleep as soon as they got in there car seats.

Sorry for the delayed update, wanted to do it last night but a very needy little boy needed my attention! ;)  today we go for our last post operation appointment while in. California. Hope it goes well and they give us the ok to fly home! Brody is ready to go home and we need  to get out of the hotel house as well! Going to enjoy our last sunny day as well as  I hear the weather is not to nice back home! We fly back Wednesday, hopefully we get back before all the snow and ice!