Sunday. Monday. Relaxing...

posted Jun 24, 2013, 8:04 PM by Ashley Henke

On Sunday we traveled to Santa Cruz, about a 50 min drive, to check out the boardwalk and to find some more surfers. The boardwalk was a huge carnival with lots of rides and games... Really not the place to go for Brody who is suppose to be staying still for two weeks post-op.... But we rode the merry go round and let him play a few games. Then we walked down to the beach again didn't see any surfers so we headed back to our hotel house. The drive was very scenic again. The redwoods are huge and all the shrubs and flowers are blooming beautifully. 

Monday. We needed a day to just relax and catch up. Mom and dads idea of relaxing is apparently not the same as Brody's. when we stay in the hotel room for too long, Brody gets very ancy. Even after we played trains, semis, watched franklin, and built forts... It just wasn't cutting it for brod. We went for a little walk and then went for a ride downtown and got some supper. Now we are back at the hotel and Brody is loading his horses in the trailer. 

Tomorrow we have Brody's final post-op appointment with Dr Roberson. I'm hoping it goes well for two reasons... First Brody is sick of doctors and dislikes doing what they say because he knows the end result is pain... Second, the new canal seems a little more swollen the. I can remember from the first time and a lot more red around the new skin graft site. I hope that we get the ok to go home and the new canal is doing wonderful. We have been trying to talk to talk Brody into cooperating tomorrow at the appointment with a few bribes, but we will see how it goes. He doesn't believe me anymore when I tell him it will only hurt a little.  The poor boy has been threw so much with these surgeries already, I fear come September he really will want nothing to do with it... But he so far says he wants to come back. (With the next breath, asking when we can go home)  We are very positive when talking about his new canals 'holes'. I do believe this helps as he always asks me if I like his new hole... :)   

Nagging mom... I've been feeling like the nagging mom the past few days since we are suppose to keep Brody calm and not to jump around and make fast movements... (Im sure James feels the same way) We try to explain to him that he can't jump or run around, but he just doesn't seem to understand,I mean come on, you try telling your 3.5 year BOY that he needs to sit in a chair and not move for 2 weeks... Haha. So for 9 more days I will sound like a broken record. 

Night all, tomorrow is our last full day in Cali.... Yippee