Seaworld. G&G airport...

posted Sep 10, 2013, 9:25 PM by Ashley Henke

Monday. We ventured 3 hours to San Diego to go to Sea World. Today is the last day that Grandma & Grandpa are with us in California.  Brody and Rilyn were both very excited to see all the animals. Brody is especially into whales, sharks and dolphins. We have been reading lots of ocean books lately, so Brody was pretty amazed to see everything up close and in person. We went to all the shows we could possibly get in. Everyone enjoyed seeing all the animals! It was very neat experience for all of us. We spent all day there and got back home about 8:00pm... Needless to say it was a long day, but a fun one!!


Tuesday morning we drove G & G to the LAX airport. They were ready to get back to Wisconsin and their cows. And I think Uncle Matt was even more excited for them to be back as he is requesting his vacation now! ;)  We are very thankful for them coming out and staying with us during his surgery! It was a tremendous help!! THANK YOU! All day today Brody and Rilyn talked about G &G and asked where they went? 


This afternoon we all took naps and then went grocery shopping! We needed to restock for the week ahead. :) Brody is doing very well...  We only had one little mishap... Rilyn and him were messing around and he bumped his ear cup... Oh boy  did he feel that. He was not very happy and I think he learned his lesson! I think this was a blessing in disguise.


It is still pretty hot here, but the humidity levels have seemed to drop a lot. It is very comfortable sleeping at night. This is a major bonus for everyone. It was pretty sticky for a while!!!


Good night all!


Dolphin show


Checking out some baby sharks...


One Ocean... Pretty amazing stuff!


Brody liked seeing all these fish and the turtles...


My little surfer dude...


Brody wanted me to take a picture of his ear cup so he could

 see what it looked like, He needed to check out his stiches!