Saturday. San Fran zoo. Surfing...

posted Jun 22, 2013, 9:18 PM by Ashley Henke

Today we wanted to talk Brody somewhere to get him out of the hotel... He has been very cranky since surgery and our little 15 min walks weren't cutting it. We decided to talk scenic highway 1 to half moon bay and check out some beaches. Brody really got into watching the surfers and walking along the beach and playing in the ocean little waves... (Only our feet mind you.)  then headed to San Francisco zoo. 

Brody was still a little edgy but was enjoying looking at all the animals... Pretty sure his favorite part was the five minute train  ride . But it was really neat seeing all the different animals! Brody's favorite animal was the flamingo because they were all standing on one foot. W spent pretty much all day there, from 10:30 till 4! Then we took the scenic route home to void the crazy highways. It is a very nice drive, between driving the the tunnels, huge trees, valleys and of course the ocean. Brody talked us into stopping at one more beach on the way back... Here we watched some more surfers and walked along the beach again. 

On or travels back to Sunnyvale we decided that we should stop at a seafood restaurant since they were all over along the ocean.... We chose an ocean front dining restaurant with outside seating..... Brody wanted to sit outside.... It was freezing we had to find our jackets!   We all ate fish and it was very delicious! Brody quickly made friends with the waiter and the people sitting next to us.... While sitting there eating and looking at the ocean we got to see dolphins swimming and jumping! This was very neat!!! Brody enjoyed seeing them and so did we!!! The people next to us, really liked Brody and were very talkative with him,,,, Brody talked his new friend Nate in to taking him surfing!!! And found out where the big waves are. When we left the restaurant,  the waiter told us he took care of Brody's meal. What a nice guy!!!! :) 

Now we are back at home getting ready for bed! Goodnight all!