Recovering and cartoons....

posted Apr 5, 2013, 9:05 AM by Ashley Henke

Thursday after surgery. Brody got out of surgery at 12:55 I think he would have slept all day if they would have left him. They said it usually takes about half hour to an hour to wake up. We were going on an hour and 15 min so they woke him up. TechnicAlly he had his eyes open but I don't think he was really awake. Very draggy and out of it. They took out his IV and then we got him dressed, and headed to our hotel house. Brody slept the whole way back to the hotel. Then he slept for about another hour. Woke up and wanted to play with his "special surgery" toy, monster trucks that he picked out the day before. They he was hungry and watched cartoons and movies the rest of the night. He is quite the trooper. Never complained about any pain at all. Then he slept the whole night threw with daddy.

Friday.... Woke up and was thirsty. Drank some chocolate milk and got some more presents for being such a good boy on surgery day!  Then we played with the toys and we went to they lobby for breakfast. Brody wanted to sit on the patio and eat breakfast so we had a refreshing breakfast in the crisp morning air. Brody says his ear doesn't hurt at all and feels good. No pain medicine yet.

Now we are headed to the dr office to take off Brody's bandages. And if he is up for it. We will be going to the children's museum in palo alto.