pre-op. happy hollow...

posted Jun 19, 2013, 6:27 PM by Ashley Henke

This morning at breakfast we had a mom come up to us and ask if we were here to see Dr Roberson. It was nice to see someone in the same strange city for the same reason. We got to meet Conner from Texas who had combined medpor a month ago with Dr Renisch and Dr Roberson.  We checked out his brand new ear. It looked amazing for only being 1 month after. I think it helped Brody to know that other kids are going to have surgery just like him. Actually on the way to our hotel, he was asking if Manny was going to be here... and he was going to take the mask just like Manny did! Way to go Manny you are still an inspiration to our Brody boy.

We ventured over to San Jose today to go to Happy Hollow, it is a small amusement park and zoo... lots and lots of kids everywhere. Brody had a blast... they had lots of playgrounds and animals everywhere. Brody's favorite part was the rides... they had lots of smaller kiddie rides. Brody rode them all... he wanted to ride the tilt a whirl like he did with his cousin emma at the fish n fun but they didn't have one so he opted for the frog hopper instead... It was only a little scary to watch, but he was smiling and laughing the whole time...:)

After Happy Hollow, we headed over to the California Ear institute for Brody's pre-op appointments. First we had body's audiogram (hearing test) and brody had fun throwing the play balls into the basket whenever he heard the birdie chirp... he did great. His hearing test improved on his left side 20-30 decibels. It is very close to normal hearing range. This is a great improvement even with some wax on the ear drum. They said that the real hearing test will be in 4 months which will hopefully show the most improvement. We were so very excited to hear these results.

Next we met with Dr Baliaker to check out his canal and all the other fun pre-op things. She was very impressed with how his canal looked and with the audiogram. She then proceeded to tell us that if Brody needs to have the prostetic middle bones put in, they will go ahead and do it right away instead of having another surgery.

Tomorrow is Surgery day... We have to be there at 6:30am and then surgery will start at 7:30am.


Now on to Skype with Rilyn and go eat some supper. Tomorrow is the big day, Thanks for all the prayers already! All prayers will be greatly appreciated!!