pizza, bowling & CA

posted Mar 14, 2013, 9:57 PM by Ashley Henke
Last weekend we took Brody bowling for the first time at the 9 pin bowling fundraiser for Brody and Larry from Princeton. We had a ton of fun. Brody didnt want to stop bowling. We all had a blast... There were lots of people who showed up and filled the bowling alley up. Thanks for all the support... still waiting to here how many bowlers there were. Thank you to everyone who planned and organized the event, it was amazing!

Wednesday night the Papa Murphy's Pizza truck pulled in with 286 pizzas and other goodies like cookie dough and cheesey bread! It was great to see some new faces and also to see faces that i haven't seen in forever! :) Thanks to everyone who bought pizzas and who made the extra effort and sold to all there co-workers and familys! We really appreciate it!

I recieved a phone call from the doctors office in california checking in on Brody and seeing how everything was going. They also reminded me that i need to get his CT scan when he is 3 or close to it... I'm hoping to get it schduled for this fall sometime, since he will be 3 in November. Getting the call makes me nervous that his surgery is going to be here soon!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather... 70's in March!