Not so happy juice... recovery room

posted Jun 20, 2013, 4:04 PM by Ashley Henke

We arrived at the waverly surgery center at 6:20am. Got all checked in and waited to go in. Surgery was scheduled for 7:30am. We were called back to the pre-op room at 7:45am. Met with all the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist. And waited till the surgery room was ready. Then we proceeded to "attempt" to give Brody the happy juice... This turned into a crying game and then resulted in putting the juice in a syringe and having Brody choke it down!!! not a pretty sight, he was not impressed and then dry heaved for ten minutes. :( after we got him calmed down, ( by holding him and rocking him like  my little baby)  at this point I was pretty sure this happy juice should be called the 'not so happy juice' .  Now it is time for him to go into surgery, he didn't want to us to leave him so we walked down the hall and then gave hugs, instant kicking and screaming! :(  so much for the second time around being easier! I have to say this time was defiantly harder sending him off for surgery.

I'm holding on to the fact that the he is in the best hands with these doctors and nurses! The staff here with dr Roberson is amazing! I know as soon as he had his pilot mask he is resting comfortably and the magic begins! :)

It is now 11:00am and we just got done talking with the dr. The operation went well. Brody's middle bones were not connected properly so they went ahead and placed the prosthetic middle bones. With the prosthtics, it is likely that his hearing on the right side will not be as good as if he had his orginal bones. Placeing the middle bones now will save from having to come back for another surgery later down the road. We will get to go in recovery room in about 45 minutes.

Excited to see him. Not so excited about how he may wake up.... They warned us that when they go in kicking and screaming, they wake up the same way!