posted Sep 20, 2013, 8:48 AM by Ashley Henke

Thursday at 4:00pm we had Brody's 'Big Boy ear Reveal'!! Brody thought it was going to hurt... He was so worked up he didn't care what anyone told him... He was not going to have that cup taken off. As the nurse puts it, he has a lot of anxiety!! Well after a short wrestling match... the stitches were off the cup  and the bandage was off the skin graft.... While he wanted nothing more to get out of daddy's lap and out of that room, He lunged for his momma and is desperation of him to stop crying and screaming, I said, "Hey look at your ear!" We walked in front of the mirror and mid cry-screaming, Brody stopped, and had the biggest smile on his face as he checked out his new ear!! Momma was already crying in amazement but that moment when he saw his ear for the first time was so AMAZING!! The tears were just flowing... I think the nurse had a few tears as well!! :)  


As that moment, there were so many emotions going threw my head. I was sad for Brody that he had to endure all the pain and uncomfortable Dr appointments. I was overjoyed with excitement when I saw his ear. It was a miracle all in itself. This little boy who was born without ears, now has an ear! An actual real ear!! I was in shock, I really didn't believe my eyes, It was surreal! And then when he took one look at it! It was instant gratification! :)  I'm pretty sure Daddy and Mommy had a permanent smile the whole Doctor appointment!! Rilyn was also happy to see her brothers new ear... She was clapping and saying "yeah Brody" Brody really enjoyed his sisters' excitement!!


The appointment was about 2 hours long, with the big reveal, the washing of the ear and the hair,  mom learning how to care and clean the new ear, making a new mold, Dr Renisch showing off his beautiful work to some Doctors from Holland, lots of pictures from both the Drs and Mom, lots of questions all around!


While we were there we took a quick snapshot of the ear and texted to the family. On the drive back to the house, I was reading all the replies to Brod. He couldn't get enough of what everyone had to say! (some needed to be censored a little.... :) He was laughing and smiling at their responses!!


All of these experiences are soo amazing... I don't even have words to describe them!! We are soo thankful for everyone who has supported us threw this journey in our lives! There are soo many people who care and love Brody soo much and followed this road to "Big boy ears".  Lots of love to you all!!!