Narrowing Canal... Stressed Mom.... Post-op #4

posted May 21, 2013, 9:13 PM by Ashley Henke
Brody has been doing amazingly well through out this whole first surgery experience.... which makes me sooo happy. :)

Our last email & update to CA we were told that we needed to do Brody's mold for his ear... We were not aware of a mold when we were out there, nor were they in our post surgery instructions. This part was a little confusing to us, since when we deal with schduleing of appoinments we talk with one person, then for post care another person, and so on and so forth... We have been getting mixed answers. This is a little stressful for me. I feel that I need these questions answered in a timely manner to prevent infections and etc... narrowing of the canal!

We have been sending updated pictures to the Doctor out in CA throughout our whole post surgery healing. With the last photo that I sent, we got some not so great reply back... Brody's canal is narrowing more then it should be. So he needs to wear 'canal tips' for 3 days straight with some special gel on it to help make the canal wider. With this being said, it sounds easy to just put in a canal tip, aka ear plug, in his ear right? Well not so easy with 3 year old. Brody does not let me touch his canal at all... He finally has gotten used to doing the drops everynight, we are in a routine. (Not touching the canal at all) Now we are suppose to place this oversized ear plug in his ear.... Well lets just say this was not a very pleasant experience. It started with lots of tears and ended with more tears and no canal tip in the canal, ugh.... I think Brody has a lot of debri in his canal from surgery yet... This maybe causing some irritation in his canal. Therefore his canal is red in spots as well. I am hoping that tomorrow at our #4 post-op appointment, in Milwaukee, he will have his canal cleaned throughly and this will help with the canal tips over the next several days. (My one concern here, is I have to convince our Milwaukee Dr that he needs to do the microscopic cleaning which our CA Doctor is recommending to prevent infections. Mind you, the Milwaukee Dr said we didn't even need to come to this next appointment.) Then hoping that he will place the canal tips in place for the first time so we do not have a repeat of try #1 with all the tears.(Brody & Mom) Wish us luck here!!

I was told today on the phone from the Drs in CA that we are recommended to stay out there for a 3-4 week period for the surgery. When we schduled our first surgery we were told only a week after the surgery. I have already booked, the hotel and plane tickets. Now I need to get down to business and figure out exactly how long we need to stay in June. I just want to do everything "PERFECT" for the little man and make sure we do everything the correct way to optimize his healing! Maybe I should just move to California for the next year, so we can have the experts at our finger tips and relieve a little stress. ;)

Please send up a few extra prayers for Brody as well as his very stressed out Mom! We are praying that Wednesday's appointment goes smoothly! ;) Will update more after our next appoinment Wednesday evening!