More surgery dates...

posted Mar 14, 2013, 10:22 PM by Ashley Henke
Hi All, What you think about all the updates to Brody's Page? I added photos from our little mini session today with V PHOTOGRAPHY as well as photos from the 2012 benefit. I'm sorry I didn't add them sooner! 
Also added links to "Microtia Atresia" about what surgeries Brody will be having. I've had many people asking alot of questions so to update you all I thought I would share the wonderful websites of the Doctors who will be preforming the surgeries! Enjoy!
Today I had to give 2 downpayments to hold the next surgery dates. Here is the most recent info for surgery dates;
 Brody's first surgery will take place on April 4th 2013 in Palo Alto, CA. The first surgery will be to open his left ear canal and to create an eardrum and hopefully give Brody "normal" hearing where he will not need his BAHA'S. Following this surgery will be a surgery to open his right ear canal on June 20th. Pending the results of these first two surgeries, Brody will have his next ear surgery in September. This will be his "medpor" which is his outer ear construction. Then in December or January 2014 he will hopefully have his final surgery to get his right "medpor" ear.

There are many factors into whether or not he will have to have additional surgeries. Here are are few cases; * Once the Dr does the canal surgery he will be able to tell what Brody's middle bones look like. Sometimes, they are not connected properly, in this case he may have the option to get "prostic" middle bones. If this is the case then it will be an additional surgery per ear.    * Another case would be if the outer ear surgery would need any revisions to correct any pulling of the skin or the stapia. This would be a minor surgery.

Still need to find a rental car! This has proven to be way more money then I ever imagined to "borrow" a car. I'm still seaching for a better deal then I have found so far!
Night All!