May. ENT. 1 month post-surgery....

posted May 4, 2013, 9:02 PM by Ashley Henke
Hello folks, Hope everyone is enjoying this rainy-warm spring weather. We sure are loving these warm days as both Brody and Rilyn love being outside. We have had a BUSY April!! I'm not sure where it went? :)
We had Brody's 2nd post op appointment on April 22nd. We decided to go to a local ENT in Berlin. I was hoping to save a little travel time to go local and not drive to Milwaukee to the Children's Hospital. Well much to our surprise, this was a BAD decision. We had a not-so-good experience with this ENT and decided that our next appoinment will be made in Milwaukee, even if it takes 10 hours to get there! ;) Brody did great at the appoinment, he sat there like a big boy and was excited to go to "the Tractor store" after for doing such a great job. Mom & Dad on the other hand were not so relaxed. But we all survived and his brand new canal looks AWESOME and we are overjoyed to have had the oppurtunity to go through this whole process.... so far.
Brody's next appoinment is this Wednesday in Milwaukee at the Children's Hospital with our regular ENT who has experience with this type of operation. Here they will be removing the disk in his canal along with any left over packing and I believe lightly cleaning it.  I'm excited to hear what the ENT has to say!
Over the last month we have noticed that Brody's hearing has increased greatly!! Not at first, but within the last few weeks, I hear brody say; "What's that noise?"  and "Did you heat that?" and "What is that?" and my favorite as of tonight; " I can hear without my hearing aides! "  Whenever he says things like this, I get butterflies in my stomach and think to myself, Is this really happening? can he really hear without his BAHAs? The Lord is amazing and has blessed us with amazing doctors to help us in this journey!! :) I am soo happy tonight and can't stop smiling!
Some amazing people in the community have hosted some fundraisers for Brody the last few weeks. The Country Pub Crawl and a Zumbathon. I participated in both these events and was shown so much support and kindness from all the people who organized and participated in these events. THANK YOU! you know who you are!!!!
Last weekend we attended the Germania Benefit Parade. This is a wonderful event which raises money for people in need. They have donated to Brody and we are so thankful and are happy to come and support it for others in need.
Today we booked our flight, hotel, and rental car for our 2nd surgery!  Yeah we are more excited this time around, which  is better then being nervous nellies the whole time!! Brody asked the other day if we could go shopping for California. I'll take this as a sign as he is ready for phase 2 and another trip for surgery!
I also wanted to thank you all for following us and our journey, as of tonight, Brody's Harvest for Hearing facebook page has 307 "LIKES" This melts my heart that there is this many people who care and support our Brody Boy!! Plus all our followers on the blog and website!!! :)