Last leg of our journey for Sept.... (9.23.13post)

posted Sep 24, 2013, 6:58 PM by Ashley Henke

After Brody got his ear cup off it was kind of a relief! We had been anticipated this for a long time.  We have to be careful for his ear to make sure there are no significant bumps, falls, wrestling matches, Etc. so far he has been very careful I think because it is very sensitive yet and new. Even Rilyn knows she needs to be careful!

Today we checked out of our house and had an appointment with Dr Renisch . He said everything looks good. And would like us to send him photos of Brody's ears. He likes to see all of his patients at least once a year. He informed us that his daughter just moved to Chicago so he would be more then willing to meet up with us there! :)

We are flying to San Jose tonight and checking into our stay bridge suites (with air conditioning). Our flight is to leave at 8:40pm.... When we checked in it had already been delayed 10 minutes.... Hopefully this is all it will be delayed. We are to arrive in San Jose at 9:40pm, so either it will be a peaceful ride or a very loud one!

Tuesday we have Brody's hearing test with the California ear institute and then our appointment with dr Roberson! Wish us luck! Thank again to everyone for your thoughts and prayers! We are extremely excited that we are only 4 days away from Wisconsin!