Last day in Cali...

posted Jun 25, 2013, 8:39 PM by Ashley Henke
Today was a great day... Brody did awesome at his last Dr appointment today. He was very scared but between a very helpful Dr Roberson and a bribing mom we had a great appointment. They noticed a little redness around the new canal which they prescribed some antibiotics just  in case there is any bacteria in there which may cause an infection. We thought the best way for him to take this would be chewable, but turns out he very much dislikes this as way... since he "chokes" it up... guess we will have to get a little more creative when giving him these pills. Otherwise they said his canal looks good and we are ready to go home.
After the appointment, we decided that we needed to go somewhere to get out of the hotel to occupy the little man. So we headed over to San Jose to the children's discovery museum featuring a display with Curious George. Brody was running from one thing to the next... ok not running but walking fast.... he thought it was great and it helped that there was other kids to play with too... he is getting home sick to be around his friends and cousins. This museum was great and I highly recommend it if you are out this way. Lots for all ages. Brody enjoyed this very much.
Then we headed back to the hotel house and started cleaning up and packing everything for our early flight in the morning...
Thank you to everyone who has been following Brody's journey so far. We are so grateful for all the love, support, thoughts, and prayers that you all are giving. Brody is truly loved and adored by many and we are so happy for this. Please continue to pray as we are in the recovery and healing phase we need to keep a close eye on the redness and swelling as well as keeping him still so that his prosthetics can heal properly for the next 3 weeks... yes 3 I thought it was only 2 but it is now 3!
Happy Trails California, Till we meet again in September!!