Last 2 DR appointments... Home

posted Feb 21, 2014, 9:46 AM by Ashley Henke

Last 2 DR appointments... Home

Friday, January 24th 2014
Thursday was Brody's  big appointment where they removed the mold that has been on his ear for two weeks and the bandage over his skin graft site. Brody did very well. He is pretty much done with anything or anyone who is in a doctors uniform or in the nurse uniform. He had to have the stitches taken out of the mold as well as the skin graft bandage. This is slightly painful. As any of you know who has ever had stitches. After all the tears and holding Brody down to remove everything. The nurse showed Brody his new ear in a mirror. He had an instant smile and stop crying for about two seconds and then resumed crying and said it hurt. which I'm sure it was a little sore. Once again Brody got to show off his new ear to another child who had surgery a few days before. I think it helps when he sees other kids who've had surgery just like him. He is quite the trooper. 

Dr. Reinisch said his ear looked good as well as his tragus. It has a lot of swelling already and Will take up to a year for the swelling to completely go away.  We said our goodbyes and thank you's and Brody and the Rilyn  both left happy with lots of candy. 

We then left on our descent to Palo Alto. It took us six hours to drive there. We were lucky the kids watched movies the whole time and we only had to have one potty break. We arrived in Palo Alto at 10:15 PM. It was definitely a long day.

Today. Friday. We relaxed all morning and then had Brody's next appointment at 1 PM with Dr. Balacker. Dr. Robison was out of the office today. Dr. Balacker checked out Brody's  canals and cleaned his right canal with some debris. He did really good and we celebrated with a cupcake and a very sweet card from everyone at the doctor Roberson's office.  The card was very sweet and left mom with only a few tears.  It was bittersweet.

After his appointment we went to a park and played for a few hours and let the kids run around and enjoy the fresh air befor heading back to Wisconsin where we hear it's very cold. 

This time around it seems easier because we know what to expect. Brody even seems more comfortable with his second ear, almost too comfortable. He still likes to play rough with his toys & with Rilyn so we really need to keep on him about being careful so he doesn't bump his new ear as it takes a good four months to heal completely. It is pretty surreal looking at him and seeing two ears, He is one handsome dude. He is pretty excited to show off his new ear to all his friends. 

We ended the day playing basketball of course. the sunny vale hotel that we stay at, have a outside basketball court that the kids really enjoy playing at.  
Sunday morning very early we leave Out of SFO and head back to MKE. We are all ready to go back home even if it's -20° out.