Jake the pirate..... Heading home

posted Feb 26, 2014, 7:40 PM by Ashley Henke

Once we got settled back into the hotel after brods surgery he was a eating and drinking machine.  He watched cartoons and was ready to go to target to pick out his toy! We then went to target to get his toy and some strawberry milk! Brod had in mind that he wanted Legos like he say in a magazine on the airplane, but once he saw the jake and the Neverland pirate toys he couldn't resist. Oh did I forget we have a boy named jake flying back with us? ;) pictures to come soon.  Over all brod was surprisingly very awake and ready to go anywhere but the hotel. Even though he was a little wobbly, he felt really well. 

Brody did very well during the night. Only waking up once for a drink. When he woke up for the day he was ready to rock and roll. He wanted to go to park, zoo, museum, anywhere. Since his post op appointment wasn't till 11am. We decided to go for a walk. So jake and mom and dad headed down melrose ave to see if we could spot any celebrities. We didn't have much luck, but a few days prior dad did see Ellen Degeneris in her porch driving on melrose ave when we were at a stop light. 

Then we headed to our appointment with Dr Renisch. They cleaned up the left ear as this was the one that they took the skin graft from and fixed the ear lobe. We still need to make arrangements for taking the mold off in a week once we get home. And also set a date with dr Renisch for April to meet up with him in Chicago.  

Our plane takes off from LAX at 6:50am and we will be headed back to Wisconsin. 

Thanks again for everyone's kind words and prayers. We are hoping for better luck this time around with the healing process. Night all!