posted Jun 27, 2013, 8:45 AM by Ashley Henke

Our travel day, Wednesday started at 4am and ended at 7pm. It was fairly uneventful. Just tiring. Brody woke up with his last bandage laying next to him in the bed... Usually the this one stays on for a few more weeks. This was the one over the skin graft site. This is a very sensitive spot now and Brody defiantly lets us know about it. The canal still seems to be red and not getting much better. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon.  As soon as we got home Brody wanted to ride his bike, and of course the broken record came out.... Sorry honey we need to not move too fast and not jump etc. etc.  

Reuniting Brody and rilyn was the cutest thing ever... They kept hugging and holding hands! I do think they missed each other. Now today we are back to the normal, fighting and all the fun brother-sister stuff. ;)

We all slept really good last night in our own beds. Brody's next appointment is July 10.