Hollywood. Venice beach. Pre-surgery night and morning.

posted Sep 5, 2013, 7:00 PM by Ashley Henke

Wednesday. Pre-surgery day. Today we all slept in and tried to catch up on some much needed sleep from our busy Tuesday. Brody and Rilyn both were a little restless in there home away from home. We decided to take a tour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. It was very neat to see some famous places along with some celebrity homes. We saw Britney Spears house and Justin Timberlake...  We'll at least all the trees and security around them. Oh and the Osbournes house when they had there tv show. Also drove threw the famous rodeo drive, pretty fancy!!  The tour was 2.5 hours long. Brody took a little snooze and Rilyn was getting a little bored towards the end. The tour ended in front of the Chinese theater and we walked the famous Hollywood walk of fame.

Then we headed back to the house for some much needed lunch and relaxing. Upon arriving at the house... Some workers were replacing the toilet, so once again we had to share the house! Brody wanted to go to the beach, so we walked down to the beach (5 min). Brody just loves running and playing in the sand and waves of the ocean. The sound of the ocean is amazing and watching the waves is awesome. Rilyn was a little scared and would run away from the waves as they came close to her, she preferred chasing    the birds and playing in the sand. We stayed for a few hours and watched the sunset. It was beautiful and the cool breeze was amazing, mind you the temps are in the 90's and very humid!  We had a nice walk back to our house and enjoyed (Brody's choice) cheesy hot dogs and Cheetos.  We all slept good Wednesday night and had to be awake by 5 to get ready for surgery day. When I woke Brody up Thursday am to go, he was very tired and didn't want to go for surgery. :( we convinced him by bribing him with a movie on the way to the hospital and with mama sitting with him in the back.

We arrived at the specialty surgery center at 6am. Filled out all the paperwork and headed back to meet with the nurses and Drs.. Everyone was overly nice and very welcoming. Dr jumper the anestgiologist was super nice and very friendly with Brody.  Dr Renisch came out as well to say hello . Brody does not do very well with the happy juice so we talked with dr jumper and he agreed to let us go with Brody to the prep room to take the "airplane mask". This didn't go quite as planned Brody was very scared and wanted nothing to do with this mask. Plan a. Plan b, both failed so we were on to plan c. An injection of some type of sedation medicine to keep him calm so he could take the mask. My poor baby boy fought the medicine hard but once he gave in, he looked so peaceful laying there. I'm glad we were able to be with him till he feel asleep even if he was fighting it.  Then dr Renisch walked us out and told us about some places to eat and a shopping center to. Check out so we aren't sitting in the waiting room for so long. We went and ate breakfast at a a little cafe and went to the Beverly shopping center. Once again a little too fancy for this Wisconsin girl! But it was very neat to see. Picked up a few toys and books for the little man once he wakes up.

Now we are back in the waiting room. It is 12:13and we just got an update that said everything is going well! Now to wait till we can see him in the recovery room.