Hearing test and Dr Roberson appointment...

posted Sep 24, 2013, 8:42 PM by Ashley Henke

Today we were back in Palo Alto where Brody had his canal surgery's done earlier this year by Dr. Roberson.  Brody had a hearing test for both ears to see where he is at with his hearing.  He did a great job with the test.  He played the throw the ball in the basket game when he hears the Birdy.  The audiologist said that he is hearing about the same in both ears which is great news meaning the prosthesis is doing its job in his right ear!   We then met up with Dr. Roberson for a check-up and to talk about his hearing.  He cleaned his right ear canal a little and also made a new mold for his new ear to wear at night to protect it, and to keep the canal the proper size.  He will wear this mold for the next 4 months at night.   Dr. Roberson  then went on to tell us that we (in his exact words) "HIT A HOME RUN" with Brody's hearing!!  He was more then happy with the hearing test results and told us he is hearing at 95% and there was really no need to wear his hearing aids!  This was the best news we have heard yet, since our goal in all this was to get him to normal hearing unaided!!!!!!! 

We had an appointment scheduled for Thursday just In case Brody's canal was to small he would have needed to wear a plug for a couple nights that makes the canal bigger before Dr. Roberson made the new mold.  The canal was good size so there was no need to come back!  We then said our good bye's until we meet back up with the CEI crew in January!

Tomorrow we are headed to a cool place in San Jose called Happy Hollow,  We took Brody there when we were here in June so he wants to show Rilyn all the fun rides and animals there!  We will then be flying home Thursday instead of Friday which we are all excited for, to be finally back in Wisconsin!!

Our princess Rilyn playing in our beautiful back yard at the last rental house.

My silly kiddos having fun!!!

My all-pro sports guy!!! :)


The world famous Doctor Rienich... We are soo thankful for him.