Dr Pawar.... Removing the mold...

posted Mar 10, 2014, 7:03 PM by Ashley Henke

The above photo is of Brody and his doctor, Dr Pawar. (He is looking into beginning the Medpor surgery in Milwaukee.) This is the same doctor that visited Dr Renisch a few weeks before Brody's last surgery to learn the procedure. Dr Renisch recommended Dr Pawar to us for Brody's post-op care.  He was very nice and was wonderful with Brody. Brody wasn't looking forward to this day since he woke up from surgery and saw he had a mold on his ear. But he took it in stride, and did VERY WELL!


We were excited to see the ear with the new skin grafts as we haven't been able to see them yet. To be honest it was very hard to even tell there were any skin grafts as they blended right into the ear. They looked amazing! I believe we heard the comment, "We don't usually see medpor ears that look this good!" Kudos to Dr Renisch for doing such an amazing job on both of Brod's ears!! :)


Brody did such a great job that he got a surprise semi from the nurses and he got to go to the store and pick out a special toy! Dr Pawar then took photos of body's ears and sent them to Dr Renisch out in California. We are waiting to hear how he thinks the ear looks. And what to do for post-op care, so far he is to have a special cream on the skin grafts  and wear the mold for 2.5 months.