DISNEY.... Seeing the new ear Finally!

posted Sep 18, 2013, 11:01 PM by Ashley Henke

Disneyland. Oh my, where do I start? This place is ridiculously awesome!! I don't even know how to describe our experience! Lets just say you really use all of your senses! Walt Disney really knew what he was doing when he created Disneyland!!! The sights are incredible, all the lights and displays are awesome. The smells are so delicious they make you want to eat every single thing they have!! Even the rides have different smells that make them more desirable! The sounds of all the shows and music that are incorporated with every single ride is some thing that I can't even describe! It truely is an experience that everyone should do once in a lifetime! 


Brody had an awesome time! Every time we would come back to the room he would say lets go do this, lets go do that! He was so overwhelmed by everything it was so enjoyable to see!!! He even got a little present from all his Disney friends! When we walked into the room there was a gift basket with some toys and snacks! It was adorable to see such a big smile on his face when he saw the present!  I think he smiled bigger when I told him who it was from!

Tommrow is the big day!! We get to finally see Brody's 'Big boy ear'!! Mom and Dad are very excited! I ask Brody if he is excited, and he just looks at me and says yeah and turns away! I think he knows it will hurt when they take the stitches out. Daddy has been talking to him how he needs to be strong and brave when they take the stitches out! He is a smart cookie and knows when we are trying to sugar coat  something!