Day before surgery....

posted Apr 3, 2013, 9:18 PM by Ashley Henke

Wednesday. Today started out early with Rilyn yelling, "mama where are you, mama?"  This defiantly put a smile on both James and my face, with Brody walking into our room ten minutes later. (5:00am) then we proceeded to have a pj party in the bed and ended with a Skype  with grandma and papa and uncle Matt. We couldn't get the video to work so the kids lost interest fast.  It was nice to hear all the news back home even though we have only been gone two days.

We went to target to get some groceries and snacks for the hotel room, as I'm sure we will be not leaving it for a few days.... Brody needed to get some flip flops since it is defiantly sandal weather here. The trip ended with very tired kiddos and went back to "hotel house" as Brody calls it. W need to let the kids run and playas Brody will need to keep it on the DL for two weeks following surgery. Our hotel has a rec area where we played basketball(and of course Brody played band), walked around scouting out all the palm trees and beautiful flowers and SNAILS!  Then we headed to the pre-op  appointment and hearing tests.

Brody got to choose what wee had for supper. McDonald's happy meal with extra pickles... The kids pretty much only eat the pickles, but it makes me feel good when they take two bites of there apple slices! ;)  I went to the hotel lobby for social hour which consisted of free wine, yahoooo......  Don't worry I only had, Two glasses to loosen the edge.  And realized that they have free meals from  at night as well as breakfast, score!

Well better get to sleep. Surgery is at 9 am. Which means we need to be there at 7:30am. We are thankful that  Tiffany (Manny's mom) is watching rilyn for us tomorrow so we can give Brody our undevided attention! Pays to have friends all over! (Speaking about friends, we ran into an old friend, Kyle, at the airport and shared the plane with him to SFO)

Just got off the the phone the anastegiolist and was reassured that Brody is in GREAT hands and they will take wonderful care of our little man!  Please keep us and Brody in your prayers. Tomorrow is the day that we have been waiting for, for a long time! :)