CT Scan. ENT

posted Mar 14, 2013, 9:59 PM by Ashley Henke
Good Evening Everyone!

Today we traveled to Milwaukee to get Brody's CT Scan as well as his annual ENT and Audiologist appointments! It was a long day, but Brody was defiantly a trooper! Mind you we needed to prep for this, (at his 2 year check up he wouldn't let the Dr touch him). But he did PERFECT! He didn't even need the "sleepy medicine" which was great. He sat and watched fishes swim through the ocean! The nurses were wonderful and he even got a special prize after he was finished with the CT Scan.

Our next appointment was was the ENT and there we reviewed the CT Scan results. Our Dr said that he was a "good candidate for atresia repair". With that being said, we will now send the results to Dr Roberson in California for him to review, along with his audio gram.

Finally we met with the Audiologist to do some hearing test and make sure his BAHA's are working properly. Brody was getting tired by this point but did an awesome job stacking blocks to the wonderful pitches of the hearing test. His hearing hasn't changed and still has a moderate - severe hearing loss.

Our next steps will be to send off all the results from today to the California Ear Institute for them to review and then we will set up a phone or skype meeting to talk about the results and to see if he is able to do the atresia repair surgery.

Thank you everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers.