Combined VS Seperate

posted Mar 14, 2013, 10:02 PM by Ashley Henke
We have decided against the combined surgery for Brody boy. In the last post i said we scheduled surgery. Well we did, but now we have changed our minds with the hopes that this is the best thing for Brody.

We have been talking to many families who have a child who has gone threw both the combined surgery as well as individual (separate) surgeries. Through all the family conversations as well as many skype and phone calls with the doctors. We have officially decided to do the separate surgeries for Brody! This means that his very first surgery, they will open his left ear canal. After this surgery we will be able to determine what his middle bones look like and if they are functioning. If they are not functioning he may be a candidate for a "prosthetic" middle ear bones. This we won't know until the Dr goes in and opens the canal. If he is a candidate, this will add an additional surgery to our original 4.

If all goes as planned, our year will be very busy with multiple surgeries, with great hopes that Brody will have normal hearing and 2 NEW BIG BOY EARS!! :)

Here is our tentative plan for his surgeries.
Surgery #1 APRIL Open left ear canal.
Surgery #2 JUNE Open right ear canal.
Surgery #3 AUGUST Left BIG EAR.
Surgery #4 DECEMBER Right BIG EAR!
*with possible additional surgeries for middle ear bones "prosthetic" eithier or both sides

Right now we are waiting to hear back from Dr Roberson's office to get our first surgery date.

Thank you all for the love and support. Also thanks for all the prayers! This is a very big decision for us to make. We can defiantly feel the love all around us. Thank you!! :)