Cleaning, Hearing Test...

posted Sep 2, 2014, 8:12 PM by Ashley Henke
Cleaning, Hearing Test....
Today we traveled to Milwaukee for Brody's ear canal cleaning and a hearing test. Brody was a very brave boy and laid on the table all by him self for his cleaning. She cleaned a lot of debris out of the right canal and just a little in the left.  He did great!  There is an area in the right canal has granulation tissue. so she prescribed, some drops with antibodics and steroids to help it. We head back to meet with Dr Kershner in 3 weeks to check on progress. 

Then we had our next appointment for Brody's hearing test. He loves stacking the blocks,throwing the balls, and or using the pegs. Today he got to stack the pegs however he wanted and loved it. The right ear didn't score as high as the audiologist would have liked. (Maybe due to the granulation tissue) It is in the moderate hearing loss category. The left ear was right around the normal hearing level. She wants Brody to wear his ponto BAHA to make up for the hearing loss on the right side. 

She reprogrammed the ponto and let brod pick out a new single headband to wear one verses two BAHAs. She also programmed it to be FM ready if Brody needs it once he starts school.  Speaking of school, Brody will be starting 4K this September. Now we need to start figuring out the details on a FM system and how to get one.   She also said since the ENT cleaned out the right canal a lot, that it may have affected the way the hearing test turned out, so we did schedule another hearing test for September.  And discussed possibly getting an in the ear hearing aide if needed.   Here is brod with his sticker from the dr, planes fire and rescue, he was pretty excited and wants to see the movie! 

Harvest for hearing: Paying it forward. 
Save the date: October 11 & 12. 
The pumpkins are looking good  for the harvest for hearing benefit. Plans are going well. Pedal pull booked. Face painter scheduled. Corn maze has a new location, under the irrigation system, the corn is looking A-MAZE-ING!  We are currently looking for donations for our basket raffle. If you have baskets or items you wish to donate please let us know. 

Just a reminder, the benefit proceeds are going to youth in need of help with medical expenses. ( if you know of someone in need, please let us know) Also to ear community, a non -profit organization focusing on helping adults and children with hearing loss.