Chicago, 1 Year

posted Apr 11, 2014, 3:11 PM by Ashley Henke

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will be heading to Chicago to meet with Dr Reinisch.  We are excited to see him and see how he thinks the ear is healing. Since our last appointment with Dr Pawar, Brody has had another sore in his canal where his mold was rubbing. We emailed our Dr some photos and he thought it could wait till we meet him this Saturday.  We're glad that it isn't an urgent matter and over the past few weeks, it has seemed to be healing on its own.


It will be a long travel day, but we will take it over traveling to Beverly Hills!


I've added a collage of before and after photos of Brody's left ear. April 4th marked one year since we started Brod's journey towards his big boy ears!