Check up. Hearing test. Benefit...

posted Aug 7, 2013, 8:07 AM by Ashley Henke

Hello all! 

Last Wednesday 7.31.13 Brody had a checkup for his right canal and a cleaning on his left canal.  Brody was lucky enough to have his cousin Haiden come with for the ride. It is getting harder and harder for us to get Brody to go to these appointments with ease.... Therefore haiden was a great distraction for Brody.  Once we got there, the appointment went very well with a good cleaning getting all the debris out and a large scab with had come off  earlier in the week. He said the skin graft in the new canal was healing very well. He then made a new mold for his right canal. And checked Brody's left canal and said it was very clean with only a little bit do debris right on canal and decided to leave alone since he has such good hearing in that ear. We then scheduled Brody hearing test for his left canal, 4 months post-operation the California drs want to see the hearing test results.  Brody's next checkup and hearing test will be August 22nd. Two appointments, hearing test in the morning and dr. Kerschner in the afternoon. I'm excited to see what his hearing results are after these 4 months. And see if Brody actually needs to wear his headband. He hasn't really worn it since his last surgery. I like to think this is a great sign as he can hear with out his baha's! 

Working hard on trying to get things all lined up for Brody's harvest for hearing, especially since we will be gone the better part of September (3.5 weeks) . Trying to get donations for the silent auction and basket raffle. If anyone would be willing to help get some donations for these, that would be wonderful. I have a letter typed up explaining Brody's story and asking for donations. If you would like me to email you a copy,please email me at 

We excited to have a kids corn maze this year at the benefit. And the ever favorite barrel train ( new tractor train in the works) . The pumpkin patch is looking awesome!  Are excited for some new additions to the. Benefit. Save the date: October 12 & 13!