Canal tips, Cleaning, Next surgery

posted May 27, 2013, 7:46 AM by Ashley Henke

We went to Brody's checkup last week wednesday. We had great answers from our local ENT. He looked at the canal and was pleased with the size but wanted us to do the canal tips as the DRs in California reccomended. Dr Kershner cleaned out the ear with lots of debri and wax, following the cleaning he then placed the first canal tip in his ear. This whole process went very well, Brody does pretty good, but I think laying on the table is a little intimidating. Therefore Mom had to also lay on the table! :) oh the things we do!

I contacted California with all my concerns about the next surgery. They were very considerate and addressed all of them. This I am very thankful for, as I was stressing out a little bit. We still haven't decided whether we are staying out there the extra week or not this time around.

Today we need to make a special mold for brody's canal which he will wear at night for the next 4 months. Hopefully his canal will stay the size it is now and will continue to heal properly!

We are starting our plans for this years benefit. We are looking for donations for raffle items and volunteers to help work the 2 days of the pumpkin patch. The benefit is October 12 & 13. If anyone has any new ideas we are open to them as well.

We need to go back next week for another cleaning in Milwaukee and check up.