Bye bye dinos... Sponge... Beach...

posted Jan 16, 2014, 9:45 AM by Ashley Henke

Monday was our appointment to get his green dinosaur bandage off. This appointment went very well. Brody was thinking that it was the appointment where all the stiches come out so he was a little hesitant, once he realized it was just the wrap coming off it well smoothly. They needed to take out some cotton that was in the canal which was a little tricky as it was dried on pretty good.  Brody felt like a million bucks after this appointment, no stiches taken out and his big heavy wrap came off.


The next few days we have been pretty laid back... just relaxing and hanging out at the beach (our home away from home). The weather has been very nice... 70's and into the lower 80's. James even has some nice raccoon eyes to prove the sun is very nice.


On Tuesday night, Brod and I were cuddling on the couch and I was checking out his new tragus on his left ear and I noticed  something still in his ear canal. It was a sponge which the Doctor uses to help prevent the canal from swelling during surgery. The assistant which took the wrap off, just simply forgot to take the sponge out. I called to see if this needed to come out right away or if it could wait till next Thursday when we have out next appointment. She said it needs to come out and that we could just simply take a tweezers and pull the sponge out... well this is defiantly easy for a professional to say. We did attempt this 'easy' task it did not go so well. I have a phone call into the office to see when we can come in and have it removed... :) hopefully today or Friday.


Next Thursday is our big appointment where the ear mold comes off and all the stiches come out. We are getting very excited to see Brod's second ear!! :)


Off to the park today for the kids to run around and soak up the sun!


Here are some pics of the beach. This is Brody's new dew rag that he gets to sport. It has some cool NBA clips on it. (Uncle Matt would be proud of the official basketball gear)