Beverly HIlls. Pre-op.

posted Jan 16, 2014, 8:46 AM by Ashley Henke
Beverly Hills. Pre-op.
We flew out of Milwaukee (-18 degree weather) on Tuesday 1-7-14 and arrived in LA to 72 degree weather. It was quite the improvement from Wisconsin. :)  Wednesday (Today) we had Brody's pre-op appointment with Dr Renisch. He checked out Brody's ear and said it looked GREAT!  He got his before pics taken and we got to see a comparison with his before and after with his last surgery! It was pretty awesome to see. Brody did very well at the appointment with much hesitation with his upcoming surgery tomorrow, he is dreading the medicine and mask. We also discussed some options for Brody's Tragis. He didn't have enough cartilage for him to make a tragis the first time around, so this time he is going to take a very tiny piece of bone from his skull and use that as a tragis for both ears. I'm a little nervous as how Brody will do with the healing part as he will have bandages on both ears when he wakes up.  We ended the appointment with candy for Dr Renisch and Brody got to pick out what bandage he gets to wear after surgery. Green with dinosaurs. :) He will be styling now!

Brody is pretty lucky to have his cousins Jack and Emma with us, which is a great distraction. Mom and Dad are pretty lucky to have James' sister (Amanda & Joe) staying with us for  a few days to help out with Rilyn while we have appointments and surgery day! :) THANK YOU!!

Following his appointment we did our annual trip to the toy store for Brody to pick out a toy (a little bribe we do for him to behave at his appointment and incentive for surgery day). He picked out some cars toys from the Disney movie, cars. The kids played in the afternoon and then we went for a drive. We ended the evening at the Santa Monica Pier with a few rides and a stroll down the pier.

We need to arrive at Cedars Cinai Hospital Thursday morning at 6:00am with the scheduled surgery start time of 7:15am. The surgery usually is about 8 hours long. Please send up some extra prayers for the little man that all goes well. We know he is in good hands all around!