Beach bums... heading to Anaheim today...

posted Sep 15, 2013, 9:33 AM by Ashley Henke

Sorry for the lack of writing.... to be honest.. .I  don't have much to report. No news is good news right? Brody is really doing GREAT!!! His rash-swelling in his elbow has gone down, (actually it is almost gone) and he hasn't complained at all about any pain.... :) Which is wonderful!!!! His ear cup is still stitched on and the bandage over his skin graft. Our next appointment is the 19th where they will take both off and wash his hair and his new ear!!


This last week we pretty much have not done much except walk down to the beach ( it is only like 5 blocks away from our house). We walked the beach and looked for seashells  and built sand castles.. Venice beach is a beautiful beach and I think I could make this my second home... The kids really like it too! They enjoy playing in the sand and digging for treasures!!


Today we are packing everything up and heading to Anaheim to stay at Disney Land!!! :) I'm not sure who is more excited for Cars land, Daddy or Brody? I myself am pretty excited to ride the cars racer experience!!  Miss Rilyn has a new love Minnie Mouse!! She is excited to see her! Brody wants to ride Tow Mater.... I told him I wasn't sure if we could ride him but we could get our picture taken with him... not sure he is ok with that, so we will see how that goes!!  


Enjoy a few pictures from our beach week!! :)


My little beach bums...


Digging for treasures....



Mermaid & Merman




Highlight of the week... A tractor on the beach



At the grocery store.... Brody is missing all his pumpkins

back home!! (Grandma, What you think? Should we raise our