Appointment... Surgery tomorrow

posted Feb 24, 2014, 8:44 PM by Ashley Henke   [ updated Feb 24, 2014, 8:44 PM ]

Today was primary traveling from 3am Wisconsin time till 1:pm California time. The airplane ride seems longer and longer every time we travel, this one being our tenth one. But we made it, even through airport security with James not having his ID. I even got to drive for the first time out here and it wasn't pretty, Brody even told me I was a crazy driver! At least the car was still in one piece! ;)

Once we arrived we stopped at McDonald's and ate lunch and let Brody play in the play place for a while.  We checked into our hotel, le parc suites in Beverly Hills. We weren't sure what to expect as we received a few hotel suggestions from a friend and they were all booked so the booking company lead us here. She explained the room in detail and said it was an older hotel in the  residential area. We thought we would try it, since it was the cheapest we could get. And we are very impressed, the rooms are defiantly older but it has a very homey feel and are very clean and updated furniture! I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Beverly Hills.

Our appointment with dr Renisch was at 4:45pm. Both him and Francesca looked at brods ear and determined that it will probably need to be cleaned up very well and possibly do the flap of skin replacement. It was hard to tell if both layers of skin were not viable or just the one.  They will take him in surgery at 9am and see what they can do.  We aren't sure what happened to make the skin not heal, but are glad to get here and have them look at it and fix it. It is better then jeopardizing the whole medpor. They said the surgery will only be a couple hours. Brody isn't really looking forward to this but he said he would be a trooper and take the "airplane" mask.  This is the hardest part for him, he doesn't like to drink the sleepy medicine and everything else is not very pleasant. We could use some extra prayers for our little man tomorrow. He has been through 4 surgeries and this is his 5th. He is such a brave little guy. But we ALL are ready to take a break from these surgeries!

Thank you too everyone who has been following brods journey. We are hoping the end is in sight very soon! :)