8.22.13 appt. Preparing for next week

posted Aug 26, 2013, 1:39 PM by Ashley Henke

Brody's last appointment (8.22.13) went very well. Brody's first appointment was with Dr Kerschner for a checkup and cleaning. He was one lucky little guy who had clean ear canals...therefore he did not need to get on the table and get them cleaned!! yippee for all involved as this is not a very pleasant experience for anyone, especially our little man. We then went to Dave & Busters for lunch and a few arcade games since we had some time to kill before our next appointment with the audiologist. Brody was very happy that Grandma Borzick came along for the ride. We all enjoyed playing a few games and had a lot of fun. Our next appointment was the hearing test. The test went well and he is doing very well. The results are about the same as the previous test after his left canal opening.  The audiologist would like for Brody to wear his BAHA's still. Brody is not hearing all of the pitches he needs to and with some words he is not hearing the beginnings and endings of words. She said the reason he doesn't like wearing his BAHAs is because they are too loud now. So we sent them in to have them adjusted so it is a happy medium with his new canals and still with his hearing loss.


The appointments both went well. Brody did a great job.


Sorry this update took about a week and a half.. I've been trying to get everything organized and planned for our upcoming 3.5 week trip for body's big boy ear. Oh did I mention we will leave in one week? I'm very excited for this but also very nervous! 8-10 hour surgery. We are very blessed to have made it this far in our journey. Brody is excited to have a 'big boy' ear. Along with planning for our trip we are also making all the plans for Brody's Harvest for Hearing which is October 12 & 13. Busy. Busy. :)


We are looking for help with hanging up flyers around the area... I should have them by the end of this week if anyone would like to help hang flyers... please let me know and I will get some to you!! This will be a great help, with us being going pretty much the whole month of September. Thanks!