3 weeks post op...

posted Jul 11, 2013, 5:27 AM by Ashley Henke
Brody update. 7.10.13

Brody has been doing very good over all with the healing of the skin graft as well as the skin. Graft site. This time around, it has been a little more difficult to have him let us do the drops, as now we need to do drops in both of his canals... Also we need to still be putting the mold in the lt canal... This makes sleeping hard for him as he likes to sleep on his side and the mold sticks out and is uncomfortable therefore he sleeps on the new canal and makes that side sensitive.

Tonight we had a post op appointment in Milwaukee and got the sponge removed... We really like our Milwaukee dr and there staff... He is very positive and does very well with our little man. Brody hasn't been looking forward to this appointment for about a week. We have been trying to prep him but it didn't seem to work. I think Brody has had enough of doctors, especially when he knows there is little pain that comes with each appointment, (and lots of nerves).... I keep telling him that is a very lucky boy to be able to have these surgeries to help him hear better and a very BRAVE boy too... We are working on the brave part, even though it hurts a little he is strong and does what needs to be done so that his new canal can heal! :) a little 3 year old talk for you.

Over all the appointment went good with good results as the dr said his new skin graft looks great and he was very impressed with his hearing test results from his first surgery, the left canal. Brody also politely turned down the " I was a good boy toy" from the nurses because he was going to pick one out from the store. ;) so Brody was treated to ice cream and a toy for being a very brave little man... Brody seems to be doing very well with the healing process, it just is hard on him at the appointments, he takes after his mother and is more scared of how it will feel then how it actually feels...

We are starting to work out all the details and plan the next Brody's harvest for hearing benefit... We are excited that we might have enough money raised for the last two surgeries, just trying to figure out final cost and details. Once we figure all the details out, we are excited to "PAY IT FORWARD" to someone in need and keep Brody's Harvest for hearing going year after year! We are extremely grateful to everyone who has helped us thus far on our journey to " Brody's big boy ears" . This years benefit will be October 12 & 13.