11 Days Post Op...

posted Apr 15, 2013, 9:36 PM by Ashley Henke

Our flight home was uneventful! *This is a good thing. We traveled all day... left the hotel at 6ish AM and got home (to our home in MONTELLO) 9ish PM that night. It was a long day espically since I had aquired a horrible cold! But we were very happy to be sleeping in our own beds!

Brody has been a trooper through this whole process, through the ups and downs, I have to say the ups are far more then the downs! (I know I say he is a trooper alot, but I am surprised how well he has done with the whole thing) And the best part is, I feel like he is a changed kid. He likes to show off his ear with his "big hole". At the airport he made friends with a little boy about the same age as him, and the little boy asked brody what happened to your ear. Brody proudly said," I had surgery!" The boy clearly didn't know what surgery was, so he comes over by me, and I said to him, "Tell him that you had surgery to get a hole to help you hear better." And he did. Just the way he said it, you could tell he was very proud of it. The little boy still didn't quite get it, but I just loved watching Brody talk about it.

We have to put drops in brody's new canal 2 times a day... at first this was a real treat, with brody not wanting anything to do with it. Now he does it willingly!!! :) 11 days after his surgery, we are bandage free... His last bandage that was covering the skin graft site fell off! Brody was excited and showing off the bandage!! (not that anyone would want to see it) Lol

Over all Brody is doing great! He is back to all his normal running and fighting with his sister. The only exception is we can's wash his hair yet. We are getting there. One phase at a time! This weekend is a fundraiser for Brody, which I'm excited to be a part of, County Bar Pub Crawl. Then next weekend is a Zumbathon with proceeds going to Brody as well!! We are soo thankful to the wonderful people who want to help with this journey! (for more info on these, check out the fundraiser tab on website.)

My goal this week is to get the airplane tickets and hotel booked for our second phase of "Brody's Big Boy Ears." June 20th will be here quickly!

Lots of Love, and thank you all for sticking with us!